Tips for Maintenance of Sump Pumps

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The sump pumps are very important in keeping the basement completely water free. These pumps also help in protecting the foundation of the house and the integrity of the structure is also maintained. The sump pumps are mostly required during the early spring at the time of the melting of snow and during the summers when there are heavy rains. The sump pump should be fully operation during these months; so you must check beforehand whether it is in working condition or not. So you must take proper care of the equipment so that you do face the prospect of having a flooded basement. The actual maintenance process for sump pumps takes hardly 10 min.

The sump basin must be covered

This will ensure that animals and children are nowhere near it and that the basin is not filled with debris. When you use a cover for the basin, the smells and evaporation also goes down drastically. It will be a real shock for you if you have to work with a smelly sump pump during the spring/summer.

Check for debris

You must check the sump for any sort of debris before you start operating the equipment. The debris must be thoroughly cleaned so that it does not block the pump. So before running the sump pump after a long gap, you must clean all the debris at once.

Cable routing

The cables must be checked for proper routing and whether they are in good condition or not. The cable must be nowhere near the water and it must not be loose at all or it might fall into the sump and cause a major accident. The cable must be fixed, secure and should not pose any threat or danger.

Check the discharge pipes

Make it a priority to check the discharge lines for any sort of damage and leaks. Everything must be in perfect condition including the end of the pumping line. Do a visual examination to ensure that the discharge pipes are in perfect order.

Test your pump properly

First fill the sump with water very slowly and observe how the sump pump is operating. Check whether the float switch is rising with the water level and moving around easily. As soon as the float switch rises to the switch on point the sump pump will start working. But you need to listen to sound emanated by the pump very carefully. The float switch is considered to be the weakest points in the sump pump. This test will ensure that the float switch is operating perfectly. If the switch is not working properly then you need to replace the switch and in worst cases you may need to replace the whole pump itself.

The pump need to be operated several times so that the pump operates efficiently and also check whether the sump pump stops itself when the water is pumped to a desired level. At the point the switch must return to its normal position. So, in other words, the complete cycle of the sump pump needs to be checked regularly to ensure that the pump is working at the optimum level. A fully functional sump pump will ensure that your basement is clean of water.

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Tips for Maintenance of Sump Pumps

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This article was published on 2013/04/06