PUISI pumps for effective and economical service!

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With the requirement of accuracy and efficiency being rated high in the utilization of mechanical devices and engines, it is important to understand the various equipment which can help in improving these aspects at a minimal cost. Oil flow meter, diesel nozzle and PUISI products are some of the solutions for precise monitoring and correct interpretation of the functioning efficiency of engine devices.

PUISI is a pioneer in pump manufacture who has incorporated results of intensive research in to their designs. It is a reliable manufacturer who ensures that the products are efficient and economical and require minimal maintenance since 1953. PUISI have a lot of desirable features. These include displacement, self-priming, rotary electric vane pumps for transferring diesel fuel, characterized by high flow rates. All the pumps manufactured by PUISI are equipped with by-pass valve. PUISI pumps available in 12 and 24 volt versions. These are powerful and dependable for optimised function. Compact size, ease of installation and convenience of operation are some of the other features which make these devices popular for utilisation.

Technically describing the pumps, these are made of cast iron coated with corrosion resistant paint. Vane pump with sintered steel rotor and acetyl resin vanes exemplifies superior quality. These also ensure longevity of the equipment. Incorporation of by-pass valves along with current brush motor with permanent magnet stator are some other features worth mentioning. It also has motor protection grade IP55. Convenient on and off switches to ensure easy operation is present. PUISI pumps come with cable wires, fuses and pincers for convenient connection to the direct current source.

Diesel nozzles are available in a variety of design and capacity requirements. These are available as automatic and manual diesel nozzles. There is a choice of high flow and bulk fuel nozzles. As per requirements and convenience appropriate nozzle can be selected for optimum function.

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PUISI pumps for effective and economical service!

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This article was published on 2012/03/10